Our Service Philosophy

As our home page says, we are fanatically dedicated to Excellence!

The first policy we wrote at NorthStar wasn’t really an insurance policy at all. Rather, it was and is, our unique way of doing business: “Extra Step” service as our customer care policy and our number one priority.

We treat our clients as we would want to be treated.

We answer our phones. You won’t be subjected to a voice mail maze. At NorthStar, your first call to us will result in the service you require. Even if the person you want to speak with is unavailable, you will be offered another team member right away.

Situations change fast, so we perform quarterly, semiannual, or annual (depending on the need) claim analysis and coverage reviews so we are all up to date and accurate in our information. This way, our clients don’t end up with surprise audits or lack of coverage because of changing conditions and needs.

We provide our clients with a service timeline so there is no need to worry about whether or not service needs are being met on a timely basis.

Certificates of insurance are issued and sent immediately.


We deliver on these standards every day.

We provide our clients with the same dedicated level of attention and service that we would expect if our positions were reversed.