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Toll Free:                            800-301-1944

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Claims can be submitted through a form on our website.

Our Claims processing email is:  service@nsins.com.


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Uncover Exposures, Mitigate Risk, Control Losses with Our Strategies

When it comes to managing your business and personal risk, there are several important strategies needed to provide you with a comprehensive approach in mitigating, preventing, transferring, assuming and financing risk. Most insurance brokers only focus on transferring risk through insurance. At NorthStar Insurance Services, our approach encompasses each of these strategies so that we can not only protect you against the unexpected but also help you in reducing the cost of your total risk.

Right Combination of Solutions & Strategies

Our staff will meet with you to identify each of your risks, with a view to see what’s coming.  For individual and families, that means looking at the potential impact of your exposures on your financial wellbeing and how you can mitigate and prevent certain risks by taking proactive measures. It also involves determining how much risk you can comfortably assume, how much you need to transfer and what you can afford to pay in premiums. Our goal is to help minimize losses and also protect you from unforeseen losses that could upend you and your family in the future while meeting your budgetary needs.

For our business clients, we take an in-depth look at your risks and the potential losses from these risks. Some of the types of business loss exposures include damage to property, loss of income from damage to property, liability to others, and injuries to employees. Once we identify and analyze your exposures, we will help you determine how to best control these risks. This involves putting into place loss control and safety programs and other strategies. For those risks that can’t be controlled completely, risk financing comes into play to determine where the funds will come from to pay for a loss when it occurs. We will look at how much risk you can assume through insurance limits and deductibles and, perhaps self insurance depending on the size of your organization, and what insurance coverages are required to step in to transfer your risk effectively.

Preparing for Tomorrow

Our staff will also continue to monitor your risk. We will look for changes to determine if the programs and strategies we have implemented continue to work for you personally and for your organization.

Our Risk Management Services

NorthStar provides clients with the following key risk management consulting services:

  • Claims Management & Advocacy
  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Review/Projection
  • Job Safety and Loss Control Advice
  • Contract Review & Management
  • Risk Management Review & Analysis
  • Current Policy Review & Analysis

We Expect More of Ourselves So You Get More

We take pride in our high-level industry expertise, attention to detail, and diligence in serving our clients’ needs every day. Our team of experts believes in a simple philosophy: that we should provide our clients the same dedicated level of attention and service that we would expect if our positions were reversed. We take our stewardship obligation to our clients very seriously, and work tirelessly to constantly exceed expectations. Find out how we make a difference in the way we approach your insurance needs. Give us a call at (800) 301-1944.