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Insurance Requirements: Key Considerations

In today’s environment, virtually all commercial subcontractors are familiar with the presence of insurance-related requirements and strong “risk transfer” language in client contracts.  General contractors and construction managers often (if not always) require that...

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance: An Overview

When it comes to commercial insurance, most business owners are very familiar with what many would agree are the “staple” coverage areas required to operate one’s business (e.g. General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Automobile Insurance, Umbrella Liability,...

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Liquor Liability

Throughout the year, and especially during the summer months, community associations and individual unit owners may wish to host parties or events at which alcohol is served (or brought and consumed by attendees).  Whenever alcohol is involved, a “liquor liability”...

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OCIPs, CCIPs and Enrolled Subcontractors: Some Key Considerations

Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (“OCIPs”) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (“CCIPs”), also known as “wrap-up” insurance programs, are consolidated insurance programs purchased by a single entity (the “Sponsor”) to provide comprehensive insurance...

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